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Marvey and Frances Wood


Marvey B. Wood was born in Scottsville, Ky. on April 4, 1941. His parents were James Marvin Wood and Beatrice Clarine Tinsley. Frances Marie Patterson was born on December 21,1940. Her parents were Jimmy Clayton Patterson and Vera Pauline Crawford. They both attended Scottsville Elementary and Scottsville High School together and graduated in 1959. Frances was co-valedictorian of her senior class. They attended Western Kentucky State Teachers College and graduated in 1963. Frances majored in Home economics and Marvey majored in Mathematics and Physics. Frances taught home economics and mathematics at Scottsville High School from 1965 to 1967. Marvey graduated Cum Laude from Vanderbilt University in 1967 with a degree in Civil Engineering. In 1967 Marvey gave up a teaching fellowship at Vanderbilt to help with the family business, Marvin Wood Lumber Co. and Building Supply in Scottsville. Marvey worked at and managed the builder’s supply from 1967 until it closed in 1998. He used his engineering skills to draw plans for many houses and commercial buildings, which are still in use in Allen and surrounding counties. They have two wonderful children, Lisa Anne and Christopher James.

Chris married Holly Henson in 1993 and Lisa married Howard Harmon in 1999. Lisa and Howie have one child Emma who was born in 2003. The Lord Jesus Christ has always been an important part of their lives. Both Marvey and Frances were saved in their teen years and were later Sunday school teachers at Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church.


Marvey was church clerk and treasurer there for many years. As they studied the Word of God they became hungry for more of the Lord. Marvey was divinely healed of a problem with his feet and legs at a crusade in Nashville TN. Later he experienced what two different doctors said was a heart attack with EKGs showing something wrong with one segment of his heart. After prayer and anointing with oil as is seen in James 5: 14-16, Marvey went to Vanderbilt Hospital and tests confirmed he had received a miracle.
They could find nothing wrong with his heart. As Marvey and Frances continued to seek the Lord they both experienced the Baptism of the Holy Ghost as is seen in Acts 2:4.

Marvey was called into the ministry on Thanksgiving Day 1980 and preached his first sermon on Dec. 8, 1980 at White Plains Free Methodist Church in Scottsville. He was Sunday school teacher and Assistant Pastor at White Plains for several years as well as ministering on radio and in the jail here in Scottsville. In 1987 they formed Living Word Church and Living Word Ministries of Scottsville, Ky. Inc. and were told to “Take The Living Word To A Dying World”. God blessed as many lives were touched during these 10 years of ministry. In December of 1992 Frances was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. During this time when Satan was trying to destroy her body she heard in her Spirit; ” You will not die but live to PROCLAIM the works of the Lord”. She then found this verse in Psalm 118:17, however, there it says declare instead of PROCLAIM.

Within days, God began to fulfill this prophecy as Marvey and Frances were invited to minister with Bro. Drummond Thom in England and South Africa. On the last day of radiation they gave her two treatments so she could leave for this missionary journey. In July 1993 they traveled on their first airplane and returned home after 3 weeks, 10 airplanes, and 17 services in England and South Africa. Upon their return they became affiliated with Proclaim Broadcasting Corporation, W48BM, a local TV station. Then Frances knew why she had heard the word PROCLAIM.


In 1994, The Living Word program was broadcast by satellite on Lesea Broadcasting. receiving letters and calls from 28 states, all the provinces of Canada, Newfoundland, and the Bahamas. In 1997 Frances began hosting an interview program on TV48 called “From The Heart”. With this God has truly allowed her to PROCLAIM the works of the Lord. In 2001, W48BM became WPBM-31 and at the time of this writing “From The Heart” and “The Living Word” are broadcast six nights a week on 17 cable stations in KY. and TN. In 1993, Bro. Selvakumar Prabhakar came to the United States from India and preached his first sermon to an American congregation at Living Word Church. This resulted in the forming of Living Word Church of India, an organization that is planting and building churches throughout India.

On Nov. 8, 1999 Frances had heart valve replacement surgery, but once again God proved his faithfulness. One year later, Nov. 8, 2000, they were in India ministering the Gospel in a crusade in New Delhi. After crusades in New Delhi and Bangalore, they traveled to Cochen where they had a crusade and conference with the pastors of Living Word Church of India and their families. Comfort Ministries is a prison ministry formed by Hillus and Dottie Pardue in 1992. Marvey and Frances have been privileged to work with them ministering the Gospel in the prison systems of Kentucky and Tennessee. Marvey and Frances are thankful for what God has done in their lives. He has allowed them to “Take The Living Word To A Dying World” and to “Proclaim The Works Of The Lord”. To God goes all the glory.

Dave Benz

Station General Manager, Dave Benz.

Seth Sneed